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Study on storage and fresh-keeping technology of different varieties of sweet cherry II

2.2 changes in soluble solid content

it can be seen from Figure 4 that the soluble solid content of red light and meizao has been declining during storage. After LOD storage, the soluble solid content of Jiahong increased slightly, and after 30 days, it showed a downward trend, while the soluble solid content of chrysanthemum red has been increasing, which seems to indicate that Jiahong and chrysanthemum red still have the process of maturity and transformation

2.3 changes in respiratory intensity

according to previous studies, cherry belongs to non climacteric fruit, but it can be seen from Figure 5 that the changes in respiratory intensity of four varieties of sweet cherry during storage are not all shown to be gradually decreasing with the extension of storage period. The output signal of meizao and Jiahong sensors was very weak at 20 days, and the respiratory peak occurred, while the red light decreased to the lowest. After 20 days), the respiratory intensity of red light has been rising, while meizao and Jiahong have decreased rapidly. At 40d, therefore, there was a respiratory peak in all four varieties. This abnormal change of respiratory intensity may be related to the metabolic disorder of fruits caused by low temperature storage

2.4 comparison of sensory quality of different varieties of sweet cherry after storage

the sensory inspection results of four varieties after storage are shown in Table 1. From the comparison in Table 1, it can be seen that meizao and Jiahong are better than red light and chrysanthemum red in terms of color, hardness, fruit handle freshness, fruit plumpness and good fruit rate, The chilling injury rate of chrysanthemum red is significantly higher than that of other varieties

3 discussion

the storage, transportation and preservation of fruits and vegetables can not improve the quality of fruits and vegetables; Storage and preservation technology, at most, is to slow down the deterioration of fruits and vegetables. Therefore, the quality and Storability of fruits and vegetables before storage have a great impact on the final fresh-keeping effect. Therefore, choose suitable storage products. Note: if the difference between the calibrated display and the dynamometer display is relatively large, and the best quality can be maintained after prolonging the storage time, it is the first factor to be considered for fresh-keeping technology. At present, there are many sweet cherry varieties developed and cultivated all over the country. Different varieties have different nutritional components, such as color, single fruit weight, hardness, soluble solids, ten substances, total sugar, acid and so on. These directly affect the storage tolerance of sweet cherry. According to Li Fengying and other reports: in the young fruit stage, there is little difference in the single fruit weight and the content of main nutrients of different varieties of sweet cherry. After entering the mature stage, the growth of single fruit weight and the content of nutrients have changed significantly, resulting in differences in flavor, quality, harvest time and storage resistance of varieties. Generally, sweet cherries with storage resistance and high quality should be selected from the indicated value of maturity (color, weight, hardness, soluble solids, etc.), and varieties with fresh color, large fruit, hardness and high soluble solids content should be selected. Although some studies have been done on the storage and preservation of sweet cherry at home and abroad, there are still few reports on the storage tolerance of different varieties; Therefore, this experiment made a preliminary study on the four varieties of red light, meizao, Jiahong and Juhong in yingtaoyuan, Daxing village, Lushun. The comparative order of their storage resistance was meizao Jiahong) red light chrysanthemum red. However, at present, there are more than dozens of sweet cherry varieties cultivated in China, so in the future, we should further study the storage resistance of the main varieties with good color and taste, so as to select excellent varieties with good storage resistance and good taste for production

(author/Yang Xiaoyu, Tian Chengrui, Department of food engineering, Shaanxi Normal University

MA Yansong, Che Furong, food College of Shenyang Agricultural University)

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